Do I have to pay?

NO! Everything here is FREE. (sometimesI get people emailing me who are having trouble downloading, and thinkit is because they have to pay to get access.) If you are havingproblems getting the downloads,  you're probably just having abrowser problem or linking to the wrong page. REPEAT: Everything isFREE, you are under no obligation to donate.

If you would LIKE to support the free downloads by donating or buyingsomething, that is really nice, but you don't have to.

What do I do withthese downloads?

First,you UNZIP the zip files. Then you place different kinds of files inthese places, depending on what it is.

Place objects (furniture etc)in:
Program Files/Maxis/The Sims/Downloads

Place skins & skin meshesin:
Program Files/Maxis/The Sims/Gamedata/Skins
(unless otherwise instructed)

Place wallpapers in:
Program Files/Maxis/The Sims/Gamedata/Walls

Place floors in:
Program Files/Maxis/The Sims/Gamedata/Floors

Place roofs in:
Program Files/Maxis/The Sims/Gamedata/Roofs

Place houses in:
Program Files/Maxis/The Sims/Userdata/Houses
(Note: New house files OVERWRITE the existing house in yourneighborhood. You should always make a copy of  your existinghouse0X.iff  and put it someplace else so you can put it backlater if you need/want to.)

Often, a file comes with a"readme" text file. If so, read it :) The read me will include anyspecial instructions an object may have.

I hear you have sexy-sexy xxx animatedlovebeds in a secret pay section.

LOL, NO!!!!I get this a lot... there is a site called "Openlea" that has the sexybeds, and people confuse our names (Ophelia... Openlea...) All my bedsare just plain old beds, the only lovin' it the standard "play". (Notthat I am offended by adult items, it's just not my site you're lookingfor ;)

I downloaded a sexy-sexy bed fromsomewhere and the animation doesn't work. How do I fix it?

See the above question; you've got thewrong site. O-P-E-N-L-E-A not Ophelia ;)

Where is this Openlea? I want thatbed!

I'm not alway's sure. The site'schanged URLs alot, but just go google for "Openlea Sims", you'll findthem.

Can you give me the password to (fillin the blank) paysite?  ~or~ Can you email me a copy of  TheSims? I "lost my disk".  ~or~ Can't you just send me a copy ofthat simfreaks pay-only mesh?

Uhhh... NO.

Why don't you update more?

I wish I could. but sadly, I just don'thave time, and a lot of "real world" obligations. When I have time, Iwould like to do more, (especially when The Sims 2  comes out, :)But don't worry, I don't plan on closing the site. I will keep it up aslong as I am able, and it will always stay free.

Can I have permission to clone/recoloran object?  Use it in a screenshot? Etc.?

See the notice on top of the objectpage, I explain my policies.  (some yes, some no, some "ask me".)

Can I post one of your sims picturesin a blog/livejournal/website/messageboard?

You CAN use my sims pictures, as longas you credit me and/or show a link to my site. BUT you MUST host thepicture yourself. Download the picture to your own web host, then usethat version. No hotlinking allowed!!

What is "hotlinking", and why is itbad?

Hotlinking is when you link to one ofmy pictures directly by using the URLhttp://www.oph3lia.com/whateverpicture.jpg in your code. (OR when youpost an object link directly to the URLhttp://www.oph3lia.com/whateverobject.zip instead of just tellingpeople to go to my page.) It uses MY bandwidth to show the picture onyour site if you do that. I have to pay for bandwidth, and by doingthat, you are stealing my bandwidth. 

The proper thing to do it to download the picture and put it on yourown host, that way you are using your own bandwidth to show thepicture. If you don't have your own website and just want to show it onblogs or messageboards, google for "free image hosting". You can oftenfind places that will host 5 or 10 of your images specifically forblogs for free.

Hey you didn't answer my question!

Er... well I tried to cover everything I thought of. I'm sure there'smore. You can always email me, and I'll try to answer.

Thanks for stopping by!